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About Ireland: Irish Culture

Irish Culture


Irish culture is made up of a number of elements from early Irish times – language, folklore, literature, art, traditions, music, dance, traditions, religion, festivals, cuisine, flora, fauna, mythology, genealogy and sports coupled with elements of modern Ireland such as commerce, government, science and technology. 

A few examples of Irish Cultural gifts to the world come from:

Literature: Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce.

Poetry: William Butler Yeats, Louis McNiece, Seamus Heaney, Patrick Kavanagh.

Paintings: Francis Bacon, William Orpen, Jack Butler Yeats, John Lavery.

Dance: The phenomenon of Riverdance, Irish Dancing

Music: The Dubliners, U2.

Irish Pubs: Guinness

St Patricks Day Parades:At the heart of Irish Culture, keeping the Irish Heritage & Irish Traditions alive amongst the descendants of the Irish Emigrants who settled in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand, in search of work & a new life.

Irish Sport : Gaelic Football, Hurling

Irish Culture places great value and interest in individual people. The national psyche is naturally warm-hearted and family and friends are all important.  The culture of extending a welcome to visitors is endemic.
A staple of Ireland is the culture of “going for a few drinks”, “having a cup of tea”, “having a bit of craic” or “having a chat”. 
The Irish are naturally courteous, friendly and quick-witted and love to welcome visitors – in fact, the word “Welcome” is endemic to the culture. The Irish culture is averse to stress and things move slowly and methodically.

St Patricks Day

days until Saint Patrick's Day March 17th 2014!

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